Ch01 Nasse red arrow

The red arrow.

There are two types of angel's arrow. A red arrow or "love" makes a person fall in love with the user for 33 days. A white arrow kills a person instantly. Angel's arrows are two of the abilities that angels can bestow to god candidates, the other ability being wings.

Arrows Edit

Ch03 Kanade white arrow

The white arrow

Arrows can be shot from a distance and cannot be dodged except using wings. Despite not being the intended usage purpose of the arrows, Mirai Kakehashi accidentally discovered that the arrows can deflect one another and this application holds true for both the red and white arrows.

An arrow 's maximum range is 31.6 m. The range is multiplied by the number of arrow combined in one shot. After an arrow is shot, another arrow cannot be shot for two seconds. However if someone has both red and white arrows, and have both arrows nocked, then the wait time is reduced to 0.3 seconds.

When an arrow is shot it will not hit anyone but the intended target which the person firing the arrow has sight of.

Red arrow – Makes a person fall in love with the user for 33 days. Only works on 14 people at a time, but if a person that had been hit by an arrow dies, the arrow will come back to the god candidate. A person already controlled by a red arrow, he or she cannot be struck by another red arrow. If a god candidate is controlled by a red arrow and s/he is killed, then the candidate controlling him/her gains their abilities.

White arrow – Kills a person instantly. Only special rank angels can give their god candidate white arrows.

Users Edit