Nanato Mukaido is a human who was selected by the angel Baret to be a god candidate.

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Nanato is a adult male. He is shown to have a stubble beard.

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Nanato is married and has two children.

Nanato attended Metropoliman's live meeting with the other candidates at Jinbo Stadium. There, he shot fourteen bystanders with his red arrow and sent them to search the crowd for other candidates.

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After leaving Metropoliman's meeting, Nanato followed Mirai and Saki back to Saki's house. There, he listened in on their conversation with their angels, who suggested that they find at least three more god candidates to ally themselves with. Hearing this, Nanato revealed himself, offering to team up with them, and suggesting they shoot him with a red arrow to prove that he is trustworthy.

Abilities Edit

  • Wings – The wings let him have the "freedom" to fly anywhere in the world.
  • Red arrow – The red arrow has the power to force anyone who is shot with it to fall in love with the user for 33 days.

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